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Real Estate

In Georgia, real estate closings are conducted through a licensed attorney, with the funds being routed through the attorneys trust account. The borrower has the right to select the attorney of his or her choice as part of the sales… Find out more [/framed_box]

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Wills / Estates

Where to leave your money to when you pass away and who to put in charge of executing your wishes are among life’s most sensitive decisions. Although many people do not like to talk about the prospect of their own passing, it… Find out more [/framed_box]

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The decision to file bankruptcy can be one of the most difficult decisions in anyone’s life. It can be stressful , time consuming and yes, it also costs money. Even if you do not use an attorney you still have those pesky court filing… Find out more [/framed_box]


What is Bankruptcy?

[image size=”medium” align=”left”][/image]Bankruptcy is a complex area of law, even more so after the 2005 changes in the law. Although you can represent yourself in the proceedings, we do not recommend doing so. We also do not recommend picking an attorney with whom you are not entirely comfortable. Filing bankruptcy is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life, and bankruptcy done wrong or incomplete, can deny you the entirety of the relief you are entitled.

Bankruptcy laws are designed to protect debtors like you against harassing creditors in various fashions. It can also help you recoup money a creditor has taken from you recently, either by a garnishment or setoff. It also can stop a garnishment or foreclosure, but doesnt necessarily mean you will have to lose your house or your car. This is why it is imperative to pick a good attorney. Find Out More…

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