Real Estate Closings

In Georgia, real estate closings are conducted through a licensed attorney, with the funds being routed through the attorneys trust account. The borrower has the right to select the attorney of his or her choice as part of the sales purchase agreement. The attorney is involved throughout the process, from the date the contract takes effect through the closing date, and in fact beyond. The attorney orders a title search to confirm good and clear title is being passed to the borrower at closing. The Atlanta attorney also works with real estate agents, brokers, lenders, sellers, buyers, homeowners association, etc.. to make sure the closing goes off without a hitch.

The purchaser and the sellers job prior to the closing is to be responsive to whatever requests they have from the closing attorney, listing agent, selling agent and loan officer. Ideally, all these people are doing most of their work behind the scenes and neither the buyer nor the seller have to do much in the weeks leading up to the closing.

The closing takes place in the attorneys office and generally takes 30 minutes to an hour, as there are usually around 75-100 pages to sign or review. The buyer will almost certainly need to bring money to closing, and that will usually need to be done in the form of a certified check. The buyer and seller must also bring proof of their identification, as they will each sign documents that must be notarized and witnessed.

While the borrower becomes the owner at the conclusion of the signing, the attorneys role is not finished. Documents need to be recorded in the county records office, title insurance policies need to be delivered, and the attorney must follow up on any issue that emerges post-closing.
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